The Knot: In Play?


No, we didn’t hear that.  We just find it ludicrous that, with a dozen rich trad-media conglomerates and struggling Internet behemoths casting around for an Internet strategy, this thoroughly respectable, profitable business hasn’t been married off yet.

Shares of fellow New York content site Travelzoo (TZOO) zoomed last week on a rumour that Priceline will take over the company.  We’ve been waiting patiently for someone to buy the violently single (TSCM).  So when are we going to hear that someone’s finally going to buy The Knot?

Lonelyheart wedding planner seeking BigMedia sugar-daddy w/ buckets of cash.  $75 million in revenue, $15 million in cash flow, and an affordable $720 million market cap.  Take us out for a modest premium, or just spin your web ops into us.  Experienced management team brings instant internet cred!