The 'King of Instagram' is backing Donald Trump

Dan Bilzerian, otherwise known as “The King of Instagram” is a millionaire, a self-proclaimed “sexual philanthropist,” and a social media superstar with millions of Instagram followers.

He lives a crazy, lavish life — gambling with millions, acting in action movies, and flying around the world with hordes of women wearing very little clothing.

He even launched a presidential campaign this year in a bid for the top job at the White House.

Now, he’s hitched himself to Republican candidate Donald Trump, saying he is the only honest one in the race.

“In an age of pussified political correctness, you have to respect the people who remain unfiltered Donald J. Trump,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

Not that he’s ever far from it lately but Trump was back in the spotlight yesterday after feistiest and most substantive Republican debate yet.

Not only was he slagging off two candidates on Twitter as they debated, saying Pataki needs a “brain surgeon” and that Graham is “weak,” among other insults, he later parts of the internet should be shut down as a strategy to deal with the Islamic State group.

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