The Killer Ebola Virus Is Spreading In West Africa: Now 1,093 Cases, 660 Deaths

A doctor works in a laboratory on collected samples of the Ebola virus at the Centre for Disease Control in Entebbe, Uganda, following an outbreak that killed 16 people in 2012.

Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone are being hit with a rising number of Ebola virus cases.

As of July 20, The World Health Oganisation says the cumulative number of cases attributed to virus in the three West Africian countries stands at 1,093, of which there have been 660 deaths.

Between the July 18 and 20, there were 45 new cases and 28 deaths reported.

Sierra Leone has the highest number of cases at 454, more than that recorded in Guinea where the outbreak originated in February.

The ABC reports an Ebola patient, who fled from a Sierra Leone hospital with her family on Thursday after testing positive to EVD, has died after handing herself in health authorities.

The 32-year-old’s family has been taken to the east of the country to receive treatment.

An American doctor is also believed to have been infected by the disease.

Dr. Kent Brantly, who was working for a relief organisation in Liberia’s capital, recognised his own symptoms and confined himself to an isolation ward.

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