The Kid In The Mixed Race Cheerios Ad Has A Black Dad And A White mum In Real Life, Too

Screen shot 2013 05 30 at 4.05.34 PMA still from Cheerio’s recent multi-racial spot

Grace Colbert, the adorable little girl in a new Cheerios ad that features a mixed race family, comes from a mixed race family in real life, MSNBC discovered.

The Colberts are turning out to be a huge bonus for Cheerios.

When the ad first ran, it attracted scorn from racists who didn’t like seeing a family where the parents had different skin colours.

But audience research showed those people were the small — albeit vocal — minority. Most people loved the ad and its 6-year-old star.

And now it turns out that not only was General Mills not making any particular statement in its ad, but that Grace’s family looks a whole lot like her actor family in the commercial (Christopher Colbert is black and Janet Colbert is white): Meaning the ad is a lot more “real” than the haters think it is.

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