The Key To Marketing A Unique Breakthrough Product Like The Lytro Camera


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Lytro may be a breakthrough product, but there’s a huge set of unknowns created when you try to sell something as unique as this camera.Forget about all the fancy tech residing inside the Lytro’s little rectangular body. How the heck are you supposed to market something that’s so different from anything people have seen before?

Right now, there’s one big factor it’s capitalising on.

It turns every user into a salesman, writes Cliff Huang in a great post over at Co.Design.

How? First, it looks so weird that it’s a natural conversation starter. After all, you have to pull the camera out to take a picture of something, and its alien shape will prompt friends and strangers alike to ask you: “what the heck is that thing?”

The user is a walking billboard.

Then they ask the owner how this strange device works, and the person is happy to explain to them the technology inside, and how his or her attention-grabbing purchase is groundbreaking and all-around awesome.

Now, the user has morphed into a salesman — at no cost to Lytro.

Will all of this pay off? There are plenty more factors that will determine Lytro’s success, such as its hefty $400 price tag. Oh, and we still don’t know if consumers actually want this thing.

But marketing is certainly a key part of that, and it should be interesting to watch Lytro’s strategy going forward as a case study of how to market — or not market — a totally unique innovation.

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