Here's what 'The Jungle Book' -- the most visually stunning movie of the year -- looks like without special effects

Jungle book still2BiThe imposing Shere Khan (Idris Elba) was a CGI creation.

Disney’s latest version of “The Jungle Book” has already grossed $548.3 million worldwide.

One element that has driven viewers to movie theatres are the stunning visuals.

The film was shot almost entirely in a warehouse in Los Angeles. The beautiful jungle and all of its animals were created with CGI after shooting ended. However, everything looks so convincing that many are hailing it as having some of the best visual effects of all time.

The movie pre-CGI, however, is a different beast. It’s a shocking contrast.

Here’s a peek behind the scenes:

'The Jungle Book' is being hailed one of the most visually stunning movies of the year thanks to its beautiful jungle and striking animals.


In reality, the movie was mostly shot in a warehouse in Los Angeles, and Neel Sethi (Mowgli) wandered around a handful of plants.


This imposing cliff?

Entirely CGI.

This incredible buffalo stampede...

...was once a patch of mud in the studio.

Here's Mowgli hanging out with his buddy Baloo.

In reality, his animal friends were puppets.


All of the jungle's animal inhabitants were created in post-production.


The details were slowly but surely fine-tuned...


Until they looked like this. The attention to detail is incredible: every hair on King Louie's (Christopher Walken) body is in place.


And while Sethi was sliding through mud and braving rainstorms...


...the voice actors recorded comfortably from a studio.

Bill Murray plays Baloo.

They were able to watch their animated selves as they recorded their voices.

Giancarlo Esposito plays Mowgli's wolf father Akela.

Sethi was mostly on-set by himself.

Don't worry: somebody else was operating the camera.

Crew members could see what shots would eventually look like through their monitors. This log ride...


...would eventually turn into this.


While he wasn't always hanging out with Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley, or Scarlett Johansson, the first-time actor still got plenty of face time with director Jon Favreau.

Favreau also directed 'Iron Man' and 'Chef.'

It's incredible what CGI could turn a simple warehouse in LA into.

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