The July 2 election will be confirmed within a week

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull. Photo: Dean Lewins/ Getty Images.

We will know date for the federal election by this time next week.

Speaking to the Today show from Canberra this morning, prime minister Malcolm Turnbull suggested he will visit the governor-general this weekend to trigger the election campaign.

“The election will be called before the 11th of May and it’ll be on the 2nd of July,” Turnbull said.

“You don’t have long to wait.”

He also said that he is “quietly confident” the Coalition will be given another term in government.

The July 2 election has been under consideration for some months and Turnbull has been increasingly putting the pieces in place to make it happen.

His ideal scenario — which has now played out as he planned — involved going to the country with the budget plan fresh in voters’ minds and eliminating months of a “phony campaign” through the winter as voters waited for an election in August or September.

In March Business Insider confirmed a date of July 2, with a seven week campaign starting on May 10, was being actively planned for inside the Turnbull government.

When the Senate rejected proposals to revive the Australian Building and Construction Commission in April Turnbull was handed the double-dissolution trigger he needed for a July 2 election.

So keep an hour free on July 2.

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