The Juiciest AOL, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook Gossip From Internet Week


What’s good about a week like last week’s New York Internet Week is all the scuttlebutt and gossip you hear from industry insiders at the parties, in the conference halls and out for coffee.

Below, we’ve bullet-pointed some of the most interesting stuff we heard. Keep in mind: absolutely none of this is confirmed and all of its should be considered mere scuttlebutt — interesting gossip you’d have heard if you were having the same conversations we were.

More layoffs are coming to AOL. They have to, said our gossiper. The company still employs 8,000 people — too many for ad network + Gawker Media on steroids that it would seem to be without its access business.

There’s no way Google buys Twitter, said a source familiar with Google execs.

The same source said Google canceled its annual all-employees trip to Disney this year.

Joanna Shields did not expect to leave AOL just a year after it acquired Bebo for $850 milllion. She wouldn’t have moved so much of her Bebo team from the UK to New York if she had.

New AOL CEO Tim Armstrong is going to make a big deal out of AOL Instant Messanger, which still has 20 million or so users. Nobody has any idea how it will help the company make money.

A Wall Street source told us Facebook app-maker Slide will have $100 million in revenues this year. No way, said another source who would know.  No way, says a third source, who is confident in his information, and puts the current annual revenue at less than $10 million.

Yahoo CFO Blake Jorgensen split with CEO Carol Bartz on very good terms. It’s just that he viewed the CFO role as one involved with company strategy. She did not. She helped him find his new gig at Levi’s. Also, he got that nice $1.8 million severance package.

There’s no way Carol can do the Microsoft search deal now that she’s publicly said it will only save the company $500 million, said the same source.

The first Googler Tim Armstrong poached was his chief-of-staff, Maureen Marquess.

Amazon loses money on every Kindle e-book it sells because Amazon pays”list” for each copy, just a small percentage off MSRP.

Viacom tried to buy Gawker quite a while back.

Facebook’s big advertisers are finally beginning to see ROI to justify the social network’s hype.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been holding meetings out of his house for a while now.

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