New Jets Quarterback Geno Smith Sounds Like A Disaster Waiting To Happen

Getty Images/Justin K. AllerMuch has been made about Geno Smith’s actions during the NFL draft. Now stories about how Smith behaved prior to the draft have surfaced, and they paint a picture of a kid that is not ready to be the leader of a Jets team that desperately needs one.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports spoke with a number of people around the NFL that were unimpressed with how Smith handled himself during interviews and meetings with teams prior to the draft.

In the report, Smith comes across as a cocky kid that thinks he already knows it all and doesn’t look for input. According to the sources, Smith would not interact with coaches or members of the front office during the visits, preferring to spend time “texting friends or reading Twitter or a number of other distracting activities.”

All of that sounds like normal behaviour for a 22-year-old, but it won’t fly with the New York media, and it is not what you want for the face of an NFL franchise.

In addition, Smith’s decision to attend the second round of the draft after initially saying he would not and to fire his agents has some believing Smith doesn’t react well in tough situations.

The New York Jets seem like the worst possible situation for Smith to enter. They are a team that can’t seem to get out of their own way in recent years and have mishandled their quarterback situation in almost every possible way with Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow.

Most agree that Smith is a good kid with a lot of talent. But if he is given the reins to the team before he is ready, things could get uglier for the Jets before they get better.

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