The IRS Randomly Decided To Push Me Into Bankruptcy: Political Retribution?

I’ve never had tax problems in the past; I’ve always paid my dues as an American citizen.

This year, however, I was made aware that I owed more taxes than I was able to pay, and I promptly called the IRS and set up a private payment plan. I felt this was responsible. I was told that an “investigation” into my 2010 return had recently been opened up, and I was legitimately surprised.

Now the IRS is claiming — quite malignantly, I might add — I owe an entirely separate $22,939 by August 15th, or face tax levies, court, and who knows what else.

It says this is money due from tax year 2010, but the numbers they give are either a) completely fraudulent or b) woefully incorrect.

It claims I had $78,401 in securities in 2010, which is a complete lie on their part. I had $3,000 or $4,000 in crap managed 401(k) money, hard-earned money, which after moving around to try to make a profit I sold due to financial duress… in order to continue making my rent payments.

2010 was not a good year; I was a junior reporter making an annual salary of $50,000 before any taxes whatsoever, living in one of the most expensive cities on the planet. I was fresh out of college, this was my first “real” job, and I was working to aggressively pay down my personal debt accrued during college.


I hope this isn’t related to my recent repeated criticisms of the Obama administration’s record on human rights and civil rights, such as his signing into law of NDAA, which limits an American citizen’s right to trial.

This makes zero sense. My calls to the IRS number provided are not answered; I get an endless phone menu, then weirdly reassuring New Age music.

This is not American. Fining a kid $22,939 when he didn’t have a pot to piss in at that time and was working as hard as possible to stay afloat — not right.

And this wrecks my current finances. I may have to seek bankruptcy advice. This is just ludicrous tyranny.

The bastards always get you in the end, don’t they?

Lessons learned:

1) Don’t go into journalism.

2) Don’t make money.

3) Don’t trust the government.

Not good lessons for a twentysomething to be learning about his country. I’m ashamed of the IRS and the federal government. I’m ashamed of myself for being so optimistic and idealistic at times — it’s all rubbish. The government really is tyranny. It wants to bankrupt and ruin ordinary people.

Shaking with anger, unable to get anyone on the phone, “Our representatives are still helping other customers.”

Oh, they’re not representatives any longer, in my opinion.

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