Verizon iPhone Data Speed Is "Below Average" Compared To Other Verizon Smartphones

New data from Metrico confirms Verizon‘s iteration of the iPhone is slower than AT&T.

We already sort of knew that, but what’s more interesting is that Metrico’s data, published in Wired, reveals the iPhone is weak compared to other Verizon phones.

Here’s what they found:

  • The AT&T iPhone is up to twice as fast as the Verizon iPhone, but only in places with great reception.
  • Despite faster data speeds, “web page loading time” was nearly identical for both devices. This has more to do with the iPhone’s hardware than the network speeds.
  • The AT&T iPhone may perform better when downloading data on the move, oddly enough. Using data while sitting at your desk yields lower speeds.
  • The Verizon iPhone’s data transfer speeds were deemed “below average” compared to other smartphones on the carrier.
  • The Verizon iPhone’s voice quality ranks near the middle vs. other Verizon smartphones, and near the top for noise-cancelling performance during phone calls. Voice quality was not compared between AT&T and Verizon’s iPhones.

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