Apple's new iPhone 6S makes it even faster to unlock your phone with your fingerprint

One feature of Apple’s new iPhone 6S which hasn’t been widely mentioned is the upgraded home button. That might not seem like a big deal, but it includes a faster TouchID sensor that makes unlocking your phone even faster, AppleInsider reports.

Apple’s TouchID sensor lets people unlock their phone by resting a thumb or finger on the home button instead of typing in a password. And Apple’s new iPhone 6S is noticeably quicker.

Here’s a GIF from AppleInsider’s video that shows the difference. An iPhone 6 Plus is on the left, and an iPhone 6S Plus is on the right:

The iPhone 6S takes less time to recognise your fingerprint and unlock the iPhone. That could be a combination of an upgraded home button, as well as a RAM upgrade. Teardowns of the iPhone 6S have shown that it includes 2GB of RAM, double the 1GB that the iPhone 6 shipped with.

The full AppleInsider video is here:

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