I Just Held The IPhone 6 Plus In One Hand, And The IPhone 6 In The Other -- It Took 2 Seconds To Realise Which Phone I Need

Business Insider employees are starting to get their new iPhones. SAI senior editor Jay Yarow got the iPhone 6 Plus; SAI reporter Caroline Moss got the smaller iPhone 6.

For the first time, I just saw both phones in real life. I held the 6 Plus in my left hand and the 6 in my right. As a 5’4 girl who can barely palm a woman’s basketball, I worried the 6 Plus would be overwhelmingly large.

It’s not. It’s beautiful. It makes the 6 look tiny and insignificant.

I tried typing a few text messages on the 6 Plus. My Blackberry days came back to me instantly. I barely made any typos with two hands, unlike my constant typos with one thumb.

The larger size, paired with the fact that the iPhone 6 Plus has significantly longer battery life (about 6 extra hours) sealed my decision: I’m getting an iPhone 6 Plus to replace my 4S.

Bending isn’t an issue for me; I’ll carry it everywhere in my purse. I don’t need a phone cover, which would add bulk to the device. I go running about twice per year, which will be a pain with my 6 Plus, but I’ll survive.

Maybe I’ll hate the 6 Plus once I get it and start using it, or contemplate returning it like Jay Yarow did. But the snap verdict is in: I can’t wait to get the iPhone 6 Plus.

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