A Man Queuing Outside Apple's Sydney Store For The iPhone 6 Has Been Offered $1500 For His No. 1 Spot

iWant one… the first person queues outside the Sydney Apple store. Photo: SiMon Thomsen

You may not have heard, but Apple announced at about 3am eastern Australian time today that a new iPhone is coming out later this month.

How much later? Well, 9 days from now on September 19. Business Insider took this photo of a bloke squatting outside Apple’s George Street store in Sydney, ready for the new iPhone 6. He’s got two camping chairs and is keeping himself busy checking his, er, phone.

We didn’t have time to stop and chat and check he’s not there waiting for the new iWatch, due out in 2015, however comedian Dan Ilic spotted them too and posted the following on Instagram

The Business of being a Fanboi. Lining up for 10 days to get a new phone doesn’t make sense, unless you intended to sell your spot for the right price. So far Sam (left) and Davor (right) have been offered $1500 for their No. 1 spot in the queue at the Apple Store in Sydney’s CBD, but have refused to budge.

While Sam, a business student, claims he’s sitting in the cold for 10 days “for the thrill of it”, Davor, a student from Slovenia, confides he’s hoping for a payday before local launch of the iPhone 6 in nine days time. Wonder if they’ll accept Apple Pay.

UPDATE: It’s subsequently emerged that it’s a publicity stunt for a company who hopes to give away the phones. We won’t name them.

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