The IPhone 6 Could Give Apple Yet Another Record-Breaking Sales Weekend

The iPhone has consistently topped itself each year, posting record-breaking sales weekends for each of the past four major launches. As for this year, which should see Apple debut at least one new large-screened iPhone, RBC Capital Markets analyst Amit Daryanani says (via Electronista) Apple could easily sell 10 million iPhone 6 units in its debut weekend alone.

Last year’s iPhone launch saw 9 million units sold in the opening weekend, but Apple had two different iPhone models to sell last year as opposed to one. With Apple’s stock reaching an all-time high this week, it seems reasonable to predict 10 million iPhone 6 units sold in the opening weekend, but that’s more likely to happen if Apple releases two different iPhone models like it did last year. Apple is expected to debut a 4.7-inch iPhone 6; there have also been rumours of a larger 5.5-inch iPhone, but various reports have said that phone’s launch may be delayed due to production issues.

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