The IPhone 5S Is Actually Doing Really Well In China Right Now

Surprise! The iPhone 5S seems to be selling very well in China right now.

Umeng, a Chinese mobile analytics company, posted the following chart that shows the iPhone 5S activations are well ahead of the iPhone 5 at a comparable point in its lifecycle. (The iPhone 5C, meanwhile, is a dud.)

This runs counter to what many people would believe. The iPhone 5S is $US868 in China. That’s about one month’s salary for an average Chinese worker.

As a result of its relatively high price, most people think Apple is totally hosed in China.

But, contrary to what seems logical on its face, people in China want expensive iPhones. They covet the Apple brand. They save up to buy iPhones.

Umeng says 27% of the smartphones sold in China are $US500 or more. And of that, Apple has 80% of the market.

That helps explain why sales of the 5S are well ahead of the iPhone.

The other explanation: Apple added China Mobile, the world’s biggest carrier. That should help with sales.

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