The IPhone 5C's Price Is Cut In Half At Best Buy After Just Two Weeks On The Market

Apple iphone 5cJustin Sullivan/Getty ImagesThe iPhone 5C in all its colourful glory.

Best Buy is selling the iPhone 5C for only $US50 with a two-year contract for the next four days.

The phone normally sells for $US100 on contract, which means Best Buy is selling it for half-off.

Consumers who buy the 5C at Best Buy get a $US50 gift card that they can apply to the phone on the spot, says Joanna Stern at ABC News. Best Buy is also doing the same deal for Samsung’s Galaxy S4. The iPhone 5S does not get a discount. The deal runs from October 3 to October 7.

The 5C has only been out for two weeks now, so this sudden discount is pretty surprising.

We’re not what, if anything, it says about sales of the 5C.

Analysts have been saying that demand for the 5S is significantly stronger than the 5C, which makes sense in the U.S. The 5S is $US100 more than the 5C on a two-year contract. Over the life of the phone, it’s worth it to pay the extra $US100.

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