iphone unbox

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We waited in line for the iPhone 5, ran to the office and took photos of it being unboxed.Here’s a first look at what it’s like to open up the iPhone 5…

Behold! The iPhone 5, in its box.

The box from the side, tasteful black on black lettering.

And one last look from above before we dive in.

And there it is, the new iPhone.

It sits very nicely in the box, of course.

We take the phone from the box...

What's under the phone? More surprises.

And here's that cable that's causing people so much angst. It's quite tiny.

One more look at it.

Here's the plug.

And here's the phone!

Side by side with the iPhone 4.

Another side by side.

We'll try to get a better photo, because it really is thinner.

This feels like the phone Batman would use.

The general design is the same but it's quite different.

Photos don't do the screen justice.

This gives a better idea of how thin the phone is.

Side by side, again.

That's all for now! More to come as we use it.

Our initial reaction to using the iPhone 5?

Meet the people who wait for an iPhone 5

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