The iPad Mini's Killer Feature = Price

Consumers looking for a tablet computer this holiday season will have plenty of great choices. Microsoft has its Surface RT tablets ready for pre-order, there are new Kindle Fires from Amazon, and Google’s Nexus 7 tablet leads a wide variety of quality Android options. And the big dog of the tablet market is about to enter the fray yet again, as Apple seems about to unleash a brand new – and smaller – iPad to the market. Which ones will consumers flock to? Apart from the already-successful full-size iPad, the answer, unsurprisingly, will likely have a lot to do with price.

All Tablets Are Tweeners

The tablet market is different from that of other gadgets. Smartphones, for the most part, vary little on price and typically range between free and $199 (on a carrier contract). Consumers seem willing to pay top dollar for a computer they think they absolutely need to be productive. Tablets are different while many people believe they need a mobile phone and a computer to meet their personal and business goals, a tablet is more of a “not necessary, but nice to have” type of device.

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