The iPad Index: Australia Is One Of The Cheapest Countries To Buy Apple Gear

Christopher Furlong/ Getty

Australia is one of the cheapest places in the world to buy the latest tech gear from Apple, according to the latest iPad index by CommSec.

Adjusted for US dollar, buying an iPad in Australia is even cheaper than seven months ago.

Of the 46 locations surveyed, Australia is the 8th cheapest place to buy an iPad Air 2, down from April 2014 when Australia was 13th.

CommSec launched an iPod index in January 2007 as a way of looking at purchasing power across the world. This later became the iPad index.

The theory is that the same goods should be sold for the same price across the globe once taking into account exchange rates.

Comparing purchases in US dollar terms, it is actually cheaper to buy an iPad in Australia than California when accounting for local taxes.

Local pricing for the iPad Air 2 16GB Wi-Fi model is $619, up from $598 in April for the older iPad Air and up from $539 when the iPad with Retina display was priced in September 2013.

The iPad index shows that Latin American, northern and Eastern European countries still pay the most for their tech devices.

On current exchange rates, Malaysia is the cheapest place in the world to buy a new iPad Air 2 at US $477.23.

Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand are the other cheapest places to buy an iPad Air 2 when expressed in US dollar.

Australia Post has recently introduced a US mailing address, called ShopMate, to allow Aussies to buy goods in the US and then effectively have them re-shipped to Australia.

However currently the situation is that Aussies would have no real advantage in buying their iPads in the US.

The ex-tax price of an iPad 2 in the US is US$499 and the price in Australia is around US$530. The shipping cost under ShopMate would be $30.90, largely eliminating the price advantage.

Changes in Australia’s relative position reflect the appreciation of the Australian dollar as well as local pricing by Apple.

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