The New Adventure Camera That Will Give The GoPro A Run For Its Money

Ion Air Pro Side

Since the revolutionary GoPro camera came on the scene in 2004, it has developed into a massive success.

Everyone from surfers to cyclists, to race-car drivers and all- around adventurers have taken to the device as the go-to camera for that hard-to-get shot.

Last year the company sold roughly 800,000 cameras at $300 each and did $250 million in revenue. Its closest competitor, Contour, brought in $15.1 million in revenue in 2011. Since it created the wearable-camera space, GoPro has essentially been running away with the market.

But one company is hoping to change that.

World Wide Licenses, the makers of the new ION Air Pro camera, have just launched their new mountable camera that they hope will make a big dent in the adventure camera space.

TheĀ ION Air Pro costs $229, and its deluxe package that includes the camera, a wifi port, and a variety mounts and accessories comes up to $349.

We just received one to do some testing of our own. But before we hit the outdoors, we thought we’d give you a look at what the ION Air Pro looks like and what you can expect from this new, promising adventure camera.

The Air Pro is available in 5 different packages. This is the Wifi kit, the most deluxe package, which retails for $349.99 . It gives users the ability to wirelessly preview and upload footage to social networks via smart phone or tablet devices.

Unlike GoPro, the ION Air Pro comes in a reusable tin box, which can come in handy when trying to transport the various mounts and parts.

The Air Pro records in full 1080p, is lighter than 4.5 ounces and does not require additional housing for underwater shooting.

The power and record buttons are easily accessible. The power button also doubles as the still camera button.

The 170 degree field of view of the lens will likely make it easy to capture all the action.

An easy switch on the back allows you to switch between 1080p or 720p recording.

The mini SD card used for the ION keeps the camera compact, but the small size could make it easy to lose.

Compared to the GoPro, The ION is lighter and has a more compact design. In terms of price, the GoPro Hero 2 packages sell for $299. The Ion starts at $229 for just the camera, $289 for the camera and bike kit and $349 for the WiFi kit.

The ION WiFi Podz accessory fits on the back of the camera and locks into place to enable wireless monitoring and uploading.

The various accessories and mounts seem like a comprehensive kit for most outdoor uses of the camera.

The accessories use one screw that goes into the bottom of the camera.

Take a look at another gadget trying to compete with it's better known competitors.

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