The Investigation Into The Sydney Siege Could Take Months

A major independent investigation is underway almost 10 hours after the Sydney siege ended tragically in the early hours of Tuesday morning, culminating in the death of two hostages and the armed offender.

Deputy NSW Police Commissioner Catherine Burn told media that it may take weeks or even months to properly establish exactly what happened during this tragic event.

Deputy NSW Police Commissioner Catherine Burn.

“It has been a difficult situation, it has been demanding, it has been complicated,” she said.

“They are now working through interviewing everybody who is involved.

“A lot of people are very tired at the moment.

“This will take time for us to gather all of the information so we can piece together bit-by-bit what happened.

“That investigation will take place over the next weeks and possibly months.”

Police stormed the Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Martin Place just after 2am this morning, following a 16-hour ordeal for at least 17 hostages trapped inside the shop.

The area around the cafe has been cordoned off and the exclusion zone, which was put in place yesterday, remains secure to assist the police in stopping vehicles and pedestrians from entering the crime scene.

Police are working to have most roads open in the Sydney CBD in coming hours, but have asked for patience.

“We still have a crime scene set up in Martin Place, we still have road closures, we still have diversions and we still have an exclusion zone,” Burn said.

“We will work very hard to… have that exclusion zone lifted.”

In the lead up to Christmas and New Years Eve celebrations, police will be ramping up their presence on the streets, with Operation Hammerhead, which was implemented after the country’s largest terrorism raids took place in September, now running 24 hours a day.

“We will have a police commander onsite every single shift,” Burn said. “We are here to provide confidence and comfort to the community.

“Hammerhead will continue into Christmas and over the New Year.”


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