The Inventor Of The Higgs Boson Hates That We Call It ‘The God Particle’

Peter Higgs, who invented the Higgs Boson, is an atheist and really doesn’t like it that people call his particle “God.”

The Telegraph noted an excerpt from an interview with Higgs:

But Prof Higgs, explained his distaste for the term in a BBC Scotland interview. He said: “First of all, I’m an atheist.

“The second thing is I know that name was a kind of joke and not a very good one. I think he shouldn’t have done that as it’s so misleading.”

The particle, or a version of it, was discovered last spring, and the finding has been confirmed by the scientists at CERN. It helps explain what gives subatomic particles — and therefore the entire universe — its size and shape. It also supports certain theories about how the universe works and what happened during the Big Bang.

According to The Telegraph, Higgs doesn’t believe the particle is the work of one almighty creator, so please, stop calling it the God Particle.