The Internet's Dumbest Idea Of The Month, Washboard, Is Officially Dead

Two weeks ago, we reported on Washboard and why it had Twitter users in a tizzy.

A website that sends you $20 in quarters? Yet charges you $26.99 for the privilege?

The world had finally gone mad. There was even an option, if you didn’t want to stump up $26.99, to take out a $14.99 monthly subscription and receive $10 in quarters.

“It is a legit business,” Washboard cofounder Caleb Brown told Nitasha Tiku at Valleywag, plus no doubt a flood of other journalists wondering what the joke was.

Washboard’s premise was to collect some money for shipping, take a small piece for itself and send out the quarters for people who want to use them to do their laundry.

It wasn’t a joke. But then again, neither is Yo, the app that now boasts millions of users who love its ability to send the word “Yo” to someone else.

It raised $1.2 million in funding, but sadly for Washboard’s creators, that start-up dream never materialised.

Today, it closed it doors. Here’s Brown’s message on their homepage:

Nearly 100% of the internet thought Washboard was an absolutely absurd concept. I had a very difficult time convincing people the service was even real but we did have customers that were excited for it. I apologize to those folks but we have decided to shut down Washboard. While I am sad to see it go so quickly, I’m excited to be focusing my energy on something ultimately more worthwhile.

Apparently the problem lay mostly in the fact that Washboard “violated our payment processor’s terms of service” and it was too difficult to find a suitable replacement.

“While I do believe Washboard solved a real problem for real people, I didn’t think there was really an opportunity to grow Washboard beyond quarter delivery,” Brown writes.

And just to prove Washboard had a real market, he posted this video of one of its biggest fans:

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