The internet is flipping out over this video of a bartender butchering an old-fashioned

The One Great X/YouTubeTwitter users reacted with shock and horror as the bartender filled a pint glass with whiskey while making the classic drink.
  • An old video of a bartender butchering an old-fashioned has resurfaced and is going viral.
  • In the now-deleted video, originally posted to the YouTube page, Ja Nee Nisonger demonstrates how to make the cocktail.
  • THE RIGHT WAY: Stir sugar, bitters, and water in a tumbler, then fill with ice cubes, and add whiskey before stirring with a spoon and finishing with an orange peel.
  • HOW THE VIDEO DID IT: Muddle an orange slice and two cherries with a wooden spoon in a pint glass, then fill with ice and bourbon. Then, pour the drink between two glasses to mix (and spill on the table).
  • Twitter users have reacted with shock and horror at Nisonger’s take on the classic drink, which you can see in the full video below.
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