The Internet Of Things Is Creating A New Growth Opportunity For The Consumer Tech And Electronics Industries

MorganStanleyIOTBIIThe Internet of Things Will Encompass Tens Of Millions Of Connected Gadgets

The Internet of Things has the potential to be the catalyst for a new era of growth in consumer electronics.

Billions of once-inert everyday and enterprise devices are already connected to the internet — including smart appliances and home devices like refrigerators and alarm clocks — and the number is exploding. By 2020 that number of internet-connected devices will top 50 billion, according to estimates from Morgan Stanley and Cisco.

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Examples Of Consumer IoT Devices And Applications:

As uptake among consumers and businesses ticks up, BI Intelligence finds that the IoT means a new set of challenges and opportunities, particularly for the consumer electronics market.

Many products and services have already crossed over into the IoT, and there are already clear signs that the biggest tech companies — and even smaller players — are trying to get out front of the race to dominate the IoT. Google has acquired Nest. Apple has unveiled its HomeKit platform. Even Staples and Honeywell — not typically companies thought of as tech leaders — are putting out new IoT — related products.

In the world of business-to-business and government, IoT use cases begin to proliferate even more.

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