The Internet Loses Its President: Farewell, Ron Paul

For his hardcore supporters, the last year of the “Ron Paul Revolution” has offered an exhilarating glimpse into netroots activism and the persuasive power of Libertarian ideals. The rest of us found it pretty funny.

Now we’re all out of luck. In a statement to his supporters on his website, Ron says he’s pulling the plug: “Though victory in the conventional political sense is not available in the presidential race, many victories have been achieved.”

He’s actually right about that. The obscure Texas Congressman with fringe politics used the Web to raise a staggering $30 million dollars. And if the election was held on the Internet, Ron could be planning his inaugural address. At one point, Ron Paul’s YouTube videos accounted for five of the top 10 candidate videos, with the largest overall viewership of any candidate.

But in the real world, none of that mattered much. Ron was rarely was able to register more than 15% in the Republican primaries and caucuses.

So now we bid Ronulans a fond farewell. From their perplexing conspiracy theories to their bizarre embrace of 19’th century monetary policy, Paul’s supporters ran one of the most interesting political sideshows in a century. But it’s time for Ron Paul to board his dirigible and sail into the sunset.

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