The Internet Is Waiting To See What's Inside This Enormous Hole In Siberia

Picture: YouTube/WorldVideosHQ

A hole which looks to be up to 90m wide has been spotted from the air in northern Siberia.

And because humans are inexplicably fascinated by massive holes, a scientific research team is already on its way to check it out.

It was spotted last week by a helicopter pilot, who then surprised passengers by veering off to look down the hole and grab a video of it.

It appear as though sand is pouring into it, so it may just be a sinkhole, albeit a huge one.

Picture: YouTube/WorldVideosHQ

Of course, the internet says it’s aliens and is getting excited about the hole’s presence in a region called the Yamal Peninsula. “Yamal” translates as “the end of the world”.

As for the experts, one says the dark rim could be scorched earth, supporting another’s view that global warming caused gases to build up under the surface before exploding out.

Picture: YouTube/WorldVideosHQ

A spokesman for Russia’s Emergencies Ministry has ruled out a meteorite

The Siberian Times reports that “several Mi-8 helicopters (could) fly into it”.

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