The Internet Freaks Out Over Yahoo Killing Delicious

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Delicious! Who knew so many people still cared about the social bookmarking service?Not Yahoo, it seems. It’s going to “sunset” a.k.a. kill the service. The news broke yesterday when an internal presentation leaked to the internet on Twitter.

Shortly after the presentation hit the web, people on Twitter were expressing their outrage with Yahoo and its decision.

We’ve rounded up all the funny and relevant responses we saw yesterday.

It’s probably not enough to make Yahoo change its mind, but it’s a good reminder that people in tech are still passionately, emotionally attached to Yahoo and want it do something great. That’s more than we can say about AOL.


What, you don't use Google Buzz all the time?

Yahoo product boss Blake Irving doesn't see the humour in all this.


This spawned a movement...

...and we saw a lot of these tweets.

But apparently, it's not so easy to open source Delicious.

Maybe Delicious creator Joshua Schachter can create a clone?

Even if there's no clone, maybe just preserve it.

Would it have rivaled Twitter?

Oh well, we'll never know. And we're still sort of in the dark as users.

But Fake Carol Bartz has a cogent message for users.

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