The internet - and Australia - is drooling over these Nutella doughnut milkshakes

The Tella Ball shake from the Foodcraft Espresso cafe in Erskenville. Photo: foodcraftespresso/ Instagram.

First, it was Nutella doughnut holes. Then, it was crazy Canberra milkshakes. Now, a Sydney cafe has combined the two to create a dessert so decadent that people everywhere on the internet are drooling on their keyboards.

The Tella Ball shake, created by Foodcraft Espresso in Erskineville, Sydney, is a Nutella milkshake topped with a Nutella doughnut pierced with a straw so all the choc-hazelnut deliciousness can be enjoyed in one sip.

The milkshake only hit Instagram one week ago but the world is already going crazy for it.

Images of the shake on the Instagram account @breakfastinsydney have pulled up to 4000 likes in the past day alone.

Not bad for a business that only opened its doors in May.

But if you want to order the $10 treat you better get on the social media bandwagon because the Tella Ball shake is off the menu and is only available if you ask for it.

Foodcraft Espresso isn’t the only cafe offering some serious dessert/milkshake competition in Sydney. From a quick scan of @breakfastinsydney, which trades exclusively in sharing what has to be the most photogenic food on the planet, others are mixing things up in the cafe creation space too.

Here’s a shake from Speedo’s Cafe in North Bondi:

Another Nutella shake from Vogue Cafe in Macquarie Park:

Cold brew tiramisu from The Grounds of Alexandria:

And while it’s not a shake, here is an ice cream with a syrup-filled syringe in it from Azoto, in the Sydney CBD. Just for laughs:

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