The insane Sydney weather will worsen for the city tonight

Photo: Getty Images

The deadly storm that has been pounding the greater Sydney region with destructive winds and rainfall is forecast to continue tomorrow.

While the north of the Sydney metropolitan region has borne the brunt of the storm so far, the system is now likely to affect more central and southern parts of greater Sydney.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast gale force winds will hit Sydney’s closed waters and coastal regions, as well as the Hunter coast and the Illawarra coast, Batemans Bay and Eden to the south.

As the system slowly moves south today, widespread rainfall of up to 100mm is likely to continue, with localised falls of up to 200mm.

State Premier Mike Baird tweeted that the weather was due to deteriorate.

Here’s the BoM forecast map for the next four days:

Image: Bureau of Meteorology.

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