The insane Sherp ATV is a Russian-made machine with 4 huge tires that can also swim

This thing is the honey badger of the automotive world.

It’s the Sherp ATV, and we can thank a Russian inventor for it.

Yes, it swims.

Those paddle-like tires are an immense 63 inches in diameter, and thanks to their placement at the absolute corners of the frame, they will drive over any 27 inch tall obstacle. They are apparently self-inflating as well.

Somehow, it only weighs about 2,900 lbs, or a shade more than a new Toyota Corolla, but with only a 44 horsepower diesel engine, it won’t break 30 mph on land or 4 mph on water. But most vehicles don’t have two top speeds, so we can give it a pass on that one.

The Sherp uses a skid steer system, which lets it to turn within its own 11 foot length and gives it tank-like handling.

The base model, with a pickup bed, starts at $65,000. It’s being advertised as a sort of go-anywhere work vehicle, so like a John Deere Gator, but more awesome. 

Thanks go to “Top Gear” for finding this bad boy.

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