The Hottest New Ideology Sweeping Europe: “Indignant”

Spain Protest

[credit provider=”AP”]

Not socialist, nor right… the hottest new ideology in Europe is indignant.That’s the description of the latest gigantic protests in Greece, where up to 100K protesters turned out to rail against austerity, and politicians perceived as not serving the interests of the people.

In Spain they’re called Indignados, same thing.

They’re bubbling up in Italy, too, though there they’re called grillini, named after Italian actor and activist Beppe Grillo. Again though, it’s not about an ideology of left or right. It’s indignance.

And so on top of incredibly thorny financial issues, there’s a groundswell of a-political anger bubbling up left and right towards political leaders. If you want to know why ‘kicking the can’ has come to its end, this is it.

Now just imagine how angry people are going to get, when sovereignty begins to disappear.