The incredible life of Prince William's Instagram-famous godson, Prince Constantine-Alexios of Greece

Photo by Anthony Harvey / Getty ImagesPrince Constantine-Alexios of Greece (Centre) with his family.

So, Prince Harry is officially off the market – but don’t despair. There are still plenty of eligible young princes out there to steal your hearts.

One such bachelor is Prince Constantine-Alexios of Greece and Denmark or ‘Tino’ to his friends. Alexios is 19-years-old and currently enrolled in Georgetown University in Washington D.C.

Since the Greek monarchy was abolished in 1973, Alexios’ role is titular only. He does, however, know how to live like a royal.

On Instagram, he’s garnered almost 100,000 followers who keep up with his lavish lifestyle – featuring luxury holidays, impressive artwork and hunting exploits.

Despite being born in New York, Alexios was raised in England when his family relocated and attended Wellington College in Berkshire.

Scroll down for a look into the life of one of the world’s most eligible bachelors.

Meet 19-year-old Prince Constantine-Alexios of Greece, born in New York City, 29 October 1998.

Alexios’ family are close to the British royals. Here the newborn prince is with his godfather Prince William.

16-year-old Prince William attended the christening of his new godson at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sophia in London in 1999.

Prince Alexios’ grandfather, King Constantine, is a close friend and second cousin of Prince Charles – he is also Prince William’s godfather.

Despite being born in New York, Alexios was raised in England and attended Wellington College in Berkshire. Here he is graduating with his friends…

… His father Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece, looked proud. Wellington College has produced alums such as George Orwell and racing driver James Hunt. The fees currently start at £9,310 for day pupils.

Source: Wellington College.

Alexios is the son of Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece (R) and Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece (2ndR). His grandfather is Constantine II, the last King of Greece.

Photo by Anthony Harvey / Getty Images

The Greek monarchy was abolished in 1973 after a constitutional referendum ruled overwhelmingly in favour of a republic.

The young prince likes to spend time with his royal siblings, 21-year-old Princess Maria-Olympia and 17-year-old Prince Achileas-Andreas. Here they are being photographed for Paper Magazine.

His sister Maria, who has modelled for Vogue and walked the catwalk for Dolce and Gabbana, also has a large following on social media. Here she is catching a piggyback from her younger brother.

Sources: Instagram, Town & Country.

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Alexios celebrated his 18th birthday as not many teenagers could, with a Day of the Dead themed party at Albert’s private member’s club in Chelsea…

… Membership at Albert’s costs a princely £650 per annum, plus a £250 joining fee. Alexios wore a bespoke Joshua Kane jacket to the party.

Source: Business Insider.

You can read more about London’s most exclusive private members’ clubs here.

Judging by his mother’s Instagram page, it looks like he received a pretty special 18th birthday present.

Royal birthdays are always well-attended. At their sister’s 21st, Alexios and Achileus managed to steal a kiss with celebrity heiress Paris Hilton. Alexios captioned the moment “Greek sandwich.”

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Here he is posing for a family photo before starting his freshman year at Georgetown University, Washington D.C. His father also studied at Georgetown, gaining a Masters degree in international relations and economics.

Source: Vanity Fair.

Alexios attends Georgetown with his sister’s socialite friend Talita Von Furstenberg (R) — who’s also his cousin. They have the ‘college yell’, Hoya Saxa, painted on their cheeks.

When he’s not studying Alexios likes to travel the world in style. With his finals done, he’s currently chilling out on Harbour Island in the Bahamas…

… It’s not the first time he’s been. In 2016, he and his friends found a plane abandoned in the ocean. “Put it in rice?” the caption reads.

At the opposite end of the weather spectrum, Alexios posts lots of photos from hunting trips in Yorkshire — draped in tweed, of course…

… It looks like all the men of the family get involved.

He’s also clearly very artistic. Here he is putting the finishing touches to a charcoal drawing from a studio in London…

… He’s handy with a brush too.

He can also turn his hand to musical instruments like the piano…

… Or the guitar.

Whatever hobby the young royal chooses to pursue, be it horse riding…

… Painting…

… Diving…

… Or shooting…

… It’s safe to say he’ll remain a favourite for those hoping to bag a royal bachelor.

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