The Incredible Life Of Greg Coleman, Who Is Hounded By Big Money Wherever He Goes

Greg ColemanGreg Coleman

Oh, to be Greg Coleman.Coleman was the Yahoo ad sales boss under Terry Semel, when, for a few years, Semel actually had that company cooking with gas.

Then, as things turned rough at Big Purple, Coleman got ousted. He left with a huge, multi-million dollar severance though.

Then a couple years later, AOL CEO Randy Falco hired Coleman to run AOL ad sales. Weeks later, Falco got the boot, replaced by Armstrong. Armstrong canned Coleman, who again, walked out with a huge, multi-million dollar severance.

Coleman then took some time to figure out life. “Sharpening the axe,” he called it in a blog post about that time.

Finally, he joined Huffington Post. He built its sales team up.

Then HuffPo sold to AOL and Coleman cashed in – again. He didn’t bother to go with the company to AOL, which already has a sales force.

These days, Coleman helps run an ad tech firm called Criteo, where he is president. And guess what? Money is closely following him again.

There are two rumours out there.

One is that Coleman’s new company is about to raise a huge pile of money – $40 million to $60 million, speculates Ad Age’s Jason Del Rey.

The other, put forth by Kara Swisher, is that new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer might buy Criteo as a part of her mult-billion dollar efforts to re-invigorate Yahoo’s ad tech.

Greg Coleman: the guy is falling out of the money tree, and getting hit by every branch on the way down.

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