Watch The Incredible 70-Year Evolution Of The Batman Logo

1989 batman logo movie

Rodrigo Rojas has created a video that tracks the amazing 70-year mutation of the iconic Batman logo from its initial conception to later interpretations. (Who can forget Batman and Superman vs. Alien and Predator?)The evolution follows everything: 1940’s DC comics, the classic Adam West series, films, video games, even the not-so-classic Batman and Superman vs. etc, etc.

It’s fascinating to see the transformation from clunky to chic. Sometimes the bat sign has a face or eyes, other times it is sleek and black.

Batman junkies, enjoy.

1941 Logo: In the early years, the Batman logo had a face.

Batman with Robin, The Boy Wonder; Detective Comics

1965 Logo: The symbol became narrow and less personalised. It was solid and black.

Batman Cover for DC Comics

1966 Logo: Most of the differences lie in how compact or stretched out the logo gets.

Batman TV Show with Adam West and Bruce Ward

1977 Logo

The New Adventures of Batman, Filmation

1983 Logo: This Batman had slits for eyes and a downward arc.

Batman and the Outsiders, DC Comics

1989 Logo

Batman, The Dark Knight Returns, by Frank Miller

1989 Logo

Batman, Tim Burton film for Warner Brothers

1989 Logo: The bat's head was small and fit tightly into the v-shaped spread of its wings.

Legends of the Dark Knight, DC Comics Cover

1993 Logo: This was another notable logo. The disc-like shape was a dramatic change from past bats.

Batman Knightfall, DC Comics

1999 Logo

Dark Knight of the Round Table, DC Comics

1999 Logo

Batman Beyond animated series, Warner Brothers

2001 Logo

2003 Logo

Batman Gotham Knights, DC Comics

2003 Logo

2005 Logo

Batman Begins film by Christopher Nolan

2006 Logo

2007 Logo

Batman and Superman vs. Alien and Predator

Now look at Soviet space propaganda from the '50s.

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