The Implications Of The Interface That Watches You

This coming week, we’re likely to get a peek at Samsung’s next generation Galaxy flagship smartphone, and by most accounts, it’ll have an auto-scrolling feature that can use head movement cues to detect when you’re paying attention to what’s on the small screen, and when you look away. There’s no word on just how specific it will be, but others are prepping tech that detects eye movement with a high level of accuracy to determine not just when someone’s facing a screen, but also where exactly their attention is focused.

Phones that pay at least as much attention to a user as a user pays to them are coming, whether in the form of the Galaxy S IV or not. And when they do, they’ll bring a tremendous amount of innovation potential to the application market, lucrative opportunities for mobile advertisers, and privacy concerns that make those around the rise of mobile location services over the past five years look like a minor concern.

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