Peak Oil Guru Robert Hirsch Gives The Definitive Guide To The Coming Energy Fiasco

robert hirsch

There is no greater advocate of peak oil than Robert Hirsch, who directed America’s nuclear energy program in the 1970s and authored the first major warning to the Energy Department in 2005.

Hirsch repeated his warning at last month’s ASPO-USA conference and said the time has come to adjust your lifestyle and portfolio.

His advice: Sell most stocks. Get out of bonds. Buy annuities and gold. Move closer to public transit and shopping centres, and get a Prius.

All signs point to peak oil

These people and organisations agree

We're AT peak

Next comes decline

Oil production and GDP are linked


A massive increase in production via new methods (unlikely) is the only hope

But even this won't be enough

Here's the best case scenario for US GDP

These countries are screwed

And that doesn't even account for trade war and war

A major possibility

How peak oil will burst into consciousness

Panic will ensue

Recession will follow

Here's how you should respond

The path toward sustainable energy requires ramped up oil production

It also ties into a food crisis

Here comes a baptism by fire

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