The iconic Sydney Monorail is being sold on Gumtree for less than a car

Carriages of the iconic Sydney Monorail are being sold on Gumtree for less than what it would cost to buy a car – just $3000 each.

The above street-level train, which was decommissioned in June 2013, originally cost the government $78 million in 1998 and is now “offered for sale very cheap. Otherwise will be sold for scrap,” according to its Gumtree advertisement.

Seller Harry Tsoukalas, manager of Metropolitan Demolitions, the company which deconstructed the monorail in 2013, said he had originally hoped the monorail would be sold as a whole but after a year on the market without any serious offers, he just wants to save the carriages.

“We tried to sell the whole unit first,” Tsoukalas said.

“We had quite a few overseas inquiries from Malta, India and Thailand but they wanted us to install it… but we don’t do that.”

Tsoukalas said he has since been forced to sell some parts for scrap, making the set no longer fully functional. Now, his one wish is to save the 22 carriages and to see them used for a reinvented purpose.

“One good thing someone could turn them into would be food vans,” said Tsoukalas, “the ones you see at special shows.

“As long as they don’t get crushed, [it’s part of our history]… and they’re about one million to make.”

The Gumtree ad is Tsoukalas’ last ditch effort to preserve the monorails memory. If they do not sell this week they will go to the scrapper for about the same price that they are being sold.

Here are photos of some of the carriages for sale.

The Monorail was introduced to Sydney in 1988...

And serviced the city for up to 25 years.

The system had eight stations...

Littered along its 3.6km track.

The service connected travelers with Darling Harbour, Chinatown...

And the Sydney central business and shopping districts.

The Sydney Monorail’s final ride...

Took place on June 30, 2013.

The city of Sydney kept 10m of track and two carriages for historical significance.

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