The Iconic is big in the office of federal immigration minister Peter Dutton

Photo: Carl Court/ Getty Images.

Shop the boats.

Online retailer The Iconic was among the most-visited websites in the office of federal immigration and border protection minister Peter Dutton.

The Sydney Morning Herald and Facebook are the most-visited sites – making it very much like any regular Australian workplace.

News, social media and shopping. Good to see where their priorities lie.

The results were released in response to a question tabled in Parliament by Labor Senator Joe Ludwig earlier this year, but the details have just started doing the rounds on social media.

Here’s the breakdown of the top 50 domains accessed by minister’s office staff using departmental provisioned workstations for the period 14 September 2015 to 19 February 2016. The result is not the actual website, but its API, so the number is likely to be inflated because some shopping browsing would mean multiple calls to the API. The URL was the 50th site on the list, with 850 visits, just behind The Age.

Other popular websites include the live cricket scores via the Brisbane Times, and YouTube.

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