'The Hunger Games' By The Numbers: 20 Marketing Tactics To Ensure Success

Photo: Lionsgate / Eric Charbonneau

We are two days and counting until the big premiere of “The Hunger Games.” Right now, bets aren’t on which tribute will go home the winner, but rather, on how much the film will earn this weekend. The film is already projected to rake in more than the $70 million of current teen phenomenon “Twilight” and rival the $90.3 million opening of “Harry Potter.” In fact, the film may bring in well over $100 million opening weekend knocking “The Lorax” off its mighty perch at $70.7 million earlier this month.

Hollywood.com analyst Paul Dergarabedian believes the film may break the current $116.1 March box-office record currently held by “Alice in Wonderland” in 2010. Since Lionsgate, which is producing the “Hunger Games” series, rose six per cent in stock today, this doesn’t seem far fetched. 

The key to the film’s success at the box office this weekend will be its marketing, and “The Hunger Games” has done an impressive job at that with a mere $45 million marketing budget.

The film boasts one of the most interactive Facebook pages of any film release, complete with interactive game and membership into its fictionalized world of Panem. The movie also staged an elaborate fashion Tumblr based off the film’s corrupt Capitol. 

See a complete breakdown of “The Hunger Games” brilliant marketing strategy and the free added press that has come as a result of the series’ popularity in the form of nail polish and a cookbook. Yes, a “Hunger Games” cookbook. 

(Vulture / NYT)

$80 million production budget.

$45 million marketing budget (compare this to the $100 million normally spent on marketing blockbusters).

18.1 million views on Capitol TV's YouTube Channel.

23.5 million books were in print as of January 2012.

8 million views of the premiere trailer within the first 24 hours of its iTunes release.

Over 2.9 million people have liked The Hunger Games official Facebook page. Fans are up 215% since the beginning of the year, according to data compiled from The Hunger Games Movie page.

800,000 people have created personalised digital ID cards saying they live in the film's futuristic world, Panem.

284,644 and counting follow @TheHungerGames on Twitter.

80,000 free posters handed out.

3,000 billboards and bus shelters.

50 websites took part in a ticket giveaway.

500 different brightly-coloured wigs were designed for Hunger Games extras.

100: The number of puzzle pieces a promotional poster was broken into as a PR stunt. Fans had to find all of the puzzle pieces, scattered among 100 different sites, before uploading a final picture of the completed jigsaw.

50 Hunger Games-themed magazine covers.

12 shades of nail polish sold by China Glaze were aptly named for the film.

11 fashion designers sketched their visions of Katniss' fire dress.

8 trailers and TV spots.

1 (unofficial) Hunger Games cookbook with over 150 recipes inspired by the film.

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