What The Human Face Might Look Like 100,000 Years From Now

Future Faces 100,000 years

The human face might look very different in the future.

Graphic designer Nickolay Lamm from UK discount site MyVoucherCodes.co.uk collaborated with a genomics expert to create pictures that show the evolution of the human face 20,000, 60,000, and 100,000 years from now.

In one possible future scenario, humans will have full control of human genome engineering. That is, they will be able to eliminate hereditary genetic disorders, or select desirable genetic traits like straight teeth and natural blonde hair.

Natural human evolution is still at work — the head will get bigger to make room for a larger brain — but most facial features will be moulded to reflect what the majority of us perceive as attractive: big eyes, a straight nose, and facial symmetry.

TODAY: Here is a photo of a normal-looking man and woman today.

20,000 YEARS FROM NOW: Humans will have a larger head to accommodate a bigger brain. The human face will not have changed much from today, except that the forehead will be noticeably too large. A yellow ring around the subjects' eyes represents a lens from the Google Glass of the future.

60,000 YEARS FROM NOW: The human head will be even larger. The eyes will also be bigger, which may be preferable to exploring the dimmer environments of space. Humans will elect to have darker skin and thicker eyelids to protect them from more harmful UV radiation outside of Earth's ozone layer.

America will also look very different in the future.

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