This man created a real-life version of the floating house from "Up" with 600 balloons, and it's getting major attention

Cameron Balloons pilot Simon Askey has been making waves over the internet this week thanks to his whimsical hot air balloon that looks exactly like the one from the Oscar-winning Pixar movie “Up”.

While Askey has flown the balloon over destinations like the Tower Bridge in London, its playful design has been getting attention thanks to its appearance at the Canberra Balloon Spectacular in Australia this week. 

Its design includes 600 tiny colourful balloons sewn to its fabric. Officially known as the Cameron TR-84, the balloon is one of 40 hot air balloons displayed at the festival, which runs from March 12-20. 

It has been spotted flying over the stunning landscapes of Canberra throughout the week, with spectators taking to social media to document the incredible sight. 

Askey plans to continue using the balloon to travel, with destinations like Japan on his radar. 

“It was created to support the Disney/Pixar movie, “Up”. And we’re hoping to send the balloon to Japan later this year,” Askey said in an interview with Buzzfeed

 You can spot it at the Canberra Balloon Spectacular until this Monday, when it will once again take to the skies.

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