The “Hipster” On The Raj Jury Gave Himself Away In Court Today

Fucking hipsters

Things are looking bad for accused insider trader Raj Rajaratnam in the final arguments being made at his trial today.In giving the evidence to support most of their charges, the prosecuting attorney, Brodsky, is showing the jury wiretaps or transcripts of calls with the insiders accused of giving him information and then showing trading records which CLEARLY show Raj trading stock in those companies either that same day or very soon after.

Presented in this way, the evidence against Raj is pretty startling.

There are a few points on which the defence can make a strong case, but we’ll get to those later. First, a look at how the jury is reacting to this evidence.

The jury member known as the Hipster Juror (he’s the guy who fell asleep during trial. More details on him here), aka juror #18, is either tired again, or he thinks Goldman Sachs can suck it.

For the most part, the jurors have been a captive and subdued audience. But in trial today, Hipster Juror gave himself away.

When Brodsky gave an example of Raj getting inside information from Rajat Gupta, a member of Goldman’s board, Brodsky said, “… and when a member on the board of Goldman Sachs, one of the most prestigious…

And at that moment Hipster Juror rolled the CRAP out of his eyes.

We’ve heard it rumoured that the jury members are all anti-Wall Street. But we thought that was just flat-out wrong until today. Hipster Juror made us wonder.