The Highest-Paid Tennis Players In The World

roger federer

Photo: Getty Images

Tennis players earn lots of money on the court but where they really rake in the big bucks is with their endorsements.The highest earning tennis player, Roger Federer, earned $9.3 million on the court, and a whopping $45 million off the court, according to Forbes.

Federer’s sponsors include luxury brands Rolex and Mercedes, Credit Suisse, Gillette, and his biggest sponsor, Nike.

#5 Li Na—$18.4 million in total earnings

#4 Novak Djokovic—$19.8 million in total earnings

#3 Maria Sharapova—$27.1 million in total earnings

#2 Rafael Nadal—$32.4 million in total earnings

#1 Roger Federer—$54.3 million in total earnings

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