The High Tech Amenities Every Hotel Should Have

Mira Mobile


We expect a lot from hotels: clean rooms, knowledgeable staff, and a well-stocked mini bar.But when it comes to the amenities business travellers need to stay productive, many hotels lack the proper resources or charge guests a premium price to use them.

Tech amenities should be accessible to all guests, functional, and —  ideally — free.

Free Wifi

We almost understand airlines charging $12.95 for Wifi in the skies, but in 2010 it's ridiculous for us land lubbers to shell out up to $15 per day for internet access at higher-end hotels like the W or Four Seasons. It's worse than charging extra for indoor plumbing.

Netbook or tablet rental

Not all business travellers want to lug their equipment around with them. Hotels should offer their guests a netbook or tablet rental service to help their guests travel light. Better yet, have the devices waiting for them in the room.

24 hour business centres with everything

Up to date desktops loaded with essential enterprise software. Scanners, copiers, and fax machines. Enough workstations to accommodate everyone. And an on-call IT staffer to help with any glitches. We want it all.

On demand entertainment

After a long day of meetings, access to an extensive on demand library of current TV shows and movies will help you unwind. Throw in a Wii or PlayStation 3 and we'll never want to leave our room.

Online or video check out

There's no need to wait at the front desk more than necessary. Let guests check out online or from their room's TV and have the receipt forwarded to their e-mail.

Mobile gadget charging station

Leave your charger at home? If your hotel room has a charging station that will juice up any gizmo, don't fret. Companies like TeleAdapt offer a variety of solutions for hotels that will power everything from iPhones to laptops.

Virtual concierge

When you're staying in an unfamiliar place, it always helps to have a guide. An online concierge accessible from your smartphone can help you find the best spots closest to your location. The Mira hotel in Hong Kong offers guests a mobile device that has these features built in. It also lets you have your room calls forwarded to your cell.

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