The High Court Has Blocked The Handover Of 153 Asylum Seekers To Sri Lankan Authorities

Getty/ Scott Fisher

Australia’s High Court has granted an interim injunction preventing the return of the 153 asylum seekers to Sri Lankan authorities.

This injunction comes after the Abbott Government confirmed yesterday that 41 Sri Lankans on another boat had already been handed over.

The action was brought by solicitor George Newhouse, who the ABC reports said:

We argued that the asylum seekers are entitled to have their allegations – claims against the Sri Lankan government – heard and processed in accordance with the law.

The Minister can’t simply intercept them in the night and ‘disappear’ them.

Newhouse is only representing 48 of the total of 153 asylum seekers on the boat at present but he added that “The others we’ve sought protection for even though we were unaware of their names.”

Keeping to the script of saying nothing, a spokesman for Immigration Minister Morrison told the ABC that the “Government notes the matter is currently before the court and accordingly will be making no further comment”.

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