The Heatwave Could Ruin Australian Wine Grapes

Wine grape growers are bracing for hot weather. Photo: Getty/Justin Sullivan

Much of Australia is sweltering in a heatwave, with health warnings in place and a lot of residents looking for ways to cool off.

The extreme weather also has an affect on agriculture, such as wine grapes in the New South Waves Riverina, as pointed out by this ABC News story.

Farmers are bracing to see what damage the heat will do. Here are some observations from Griffith Mayor, and wine grape grower, John Dal Broi, from the story:

“With only one or two hot days the vine shuts down and… the end result is there’s an effect on quality.

“The other problem will be sunburn – if you see an exposed bunch that does not have enough leaf cover they will also burn and the wineries won’t like that… so the farmer cops it two ways.

“In the wine grapes industry we had in mid-November what is referred to a ‘black frost’ which caused an enormous amount of damage.

“Tens of thousands of tonnes of wine grapes just virtually shrivelled up.

“Now we get his heatwave, a lot of farmers are saying what next?”

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