'The Heat' Scorches 'White House Down' — Here's Your Box-Office Roundup

the heat sandra bullock melissa mccarthy‘The Heat’ smoked ‘White House Down’ at the box office earning $15 million more than the Channing Tatum thriller.

The men of “White House Down” weren’t hot enough for the women of “The Heat.” 

Actually, the Roland Emmerich directed Channing Tatum action thriller failed to compete with a lot of the big films at theatres this weekend. Friday, Numerous outlets had “White House Down” competing for second place at the box office.  

It didn’t even make it into the top three for the weekend. 

“WHD” didn’t bomb. It just didn’t fare as well as expected to compete for a top spot. 

Instead, Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock’s cop comedy soared earning a huge $40 million this weekend. 

Disney and Pixar’s “Monsters University” also performed better than initially expected. At the end of the week analysts were expecting it to earn in the lower $40 millions. It ended up retaining nearly 60% of its earnings from its $82 million opening weekend. 

Overall, it was a huge weekend at the box office. This was only the second time this year where five films have earned more than $20 million in one weekend

Iron Man” finally falls out of the top 10 after nine weeks. The third film in the franchise has earned a massive $1.2 billion worldwide. 

Also out of the top 10 this week is tiny horror scare “The Purge.” The film, which cost an estimated $3 million to produce has gone on to earn $72.9 million in four weeks. 

Here are this week’s winners and losers in Hollywood: 

10. “The Internship” narrowly edged out “Iron Man 3” with $1.43 million to last in the top 10 for one more week. The Google internship comedy has earned $56.6 million worldwide in a month which leaves it $2 million short of its estimated budget. 

9. “Star Trek Into Darkness” stays exactly where it was last week earning $2 million.  The sequel has now brought in $438.1 million worldwide for Paramount since its mid-May release.  

8. “Fast & Furious 6” continues to outrace others with $2.4 million in week 6. The latest film in the franchise has earned an enormous $682 million worldwide. “Fast 7” is already on track for release next summer. 

7. Magic movie “Now You See Me” has really paid off for Lionsgate and Summit. After five weeks, the film is slowly falling down the top 10 adding another $55.5 million to its total $153.4 million haul. One thing to note is that “Now You See Me” is  playing in 1,000 more theatres than other films that have been out for the same amount of time or longer.  

6. “This is the End” drops two spots earning $8.7 million in its third weekend. The apocalyptic comedy, revolving around Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen has earned $77 million worldwide.  

5. “Man of Steel” adds another $20.8 million to its total $520.4 million take at the box office. This past weekend, Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot hit the $500 million mark worldwide.  

4. Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx’s “White House Down” came in a disappointing fourth place with $25.7 million. The film was originally expected to earn close to $34 million. What happened? The film received a lot of blow back from critics for being too much like March release, “Olympus Has Fallen.” The thriller also most likely got lost in the clutter of every other explosive — no exaggeration — summer blockbuster. 

3. Paramount must be happy. No one predicted “World War Z” earning more than a new film out this weekend. Friday, everyone was talking about “WHD” and “The Heat” competing for second place at the box office. Brad Pitt’s zombie film earned another $29.8 million in week two bringing its worldwide total to $259 million worldwide. 

2. Take note Hollywood. If you weren’t convinced before, Melissa McCarthy is a big box-office draw. “The Heat” exceeded expectations this weekend earning a big $40 million this weekend. The film was anticipated to maybe earn around $34 million. The hilarious and odd pairing of McCarthy and Sandra Bullock drove audiences out to see a refreshing comedy this weekend over disaster film “WHD.” 

1. Though “The Heat” was hot, its huge weekend wasn’t enough to catch the duo of Sulley and Mike from “Monsters University.” The film also performed better than analysts predicted earning $46 million in its second weekend. The Pixar film has earned a big $300.3 million for the mouse house in two weeks. 

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