The Head Of World-Famous Suit Maker Zegna Has A Damning Opinion Of The 'Short Suit'

Image: Ermenegildo Zegna.

There are reports the “short suit”, a suit blazer with a pair of tailored shorts, is making a comeback.

Many think the only time it’s OK to wear shorts in a business situation is when you’re popping into the office on a weekend to pick-up something, so nobody can lay eyes on your bare legs.

Italian suit boss Paolo Zegna told Business Insider there “should be some rules,” when it comes to business attire.

This includes a quality suit, a pure Egyptian cotton shirt and an appropriate tie for most business meetings.

But the short suit doesn’t fit into that list.

“Everyone can have his own style – that’s fine. I don’t think that it is a trend for everybody,” he said.

“In Milan as well, there are people that are wearing a blazer with the short. Is that the most elegant thing? Maybe in my appreciation not.

Zegna said if you must wear a short suit, at least ensure it’s good quality and fits properly.

“But if they feel well why not? Provided it’s a good blazer and a good pair of shorts,” he said.

“I think that the quality is what should be the rule with everything.”

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